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We begin by meeting. I invite you to book a free introductory call (30min) via email or the button below.

During the introductory call we will briefly discuss what led you to seek therapy, how therapy with me could work for you, and all the practical matters like payment and cancellations. This meeting is also an opportunity for you to check if you would like to work with me. The introductory call takes around 30min and takes place online.


The first few sessions after that are meant to better understand the themes & issues that are coming up and decide on a (general) direction for our therapy. This is also the time when we start building our therapeutic relationship - it is crucial that we can build trust and safety together.

The length of the therapy process may range between a few sessions to several years. This will depend on your needs & resources, and our agreement.

You can also always reach me via email in case you have any further questions about therapy with me.


For therapy sessions

I work with a sliding scale fee. Please let me know which scale you fall into. The income indicated is bruto (before taxes). Price is per session (60min).

Scale 1: income under 1500eur: 75eur

Scale 2: income between 1500-3000eur: 85eur

Scale 3: income above 3000eur: 95eur

At this moment my services are not covered by Dutch health insurance. However, some international or student insurances may cover our therapy sessions. It is best to ask your insurance what the coverage conditions and options are.


For artistic coaching

The best is to reach out so we can discuss your situation. The fee will depend on whether you are working independently or with an institution. 

The price can be per session or per project. That way I can make an offer for several sessions and support you throughout the duration of the project. You can always email me to set up an intro call to discuss your situation.

time & place

Our sessions take place at my practice at Binnenkant 24, Amsterdam or Van Eeghenlaan 27, Amsterdam (Coachhuis).

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