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Group therapy - coming soon

In October 2024 together with Mili Marjanović we will be starting a therapy group in Amsterdam on the theme of transgenerational trauma. It will take place on Wednesday evenings. More info will follow.

If you are interested to join, send me an email at

Creative process facilitation/ artistic coaching

This is for all of you who are busy with creative projects and find yourself stuck, alone or in need for a supportive mentor for your process. We can put different words to describe the process that is not flowing – burnout, writer’s block, uninspired, procrastinating, bored, numb, dry.

This is where I step in. I can be your companion for the journey that is your (creative) process.


In a creation process, much like in life, sometimes we need support, a new perspective, to slow down, to change gear, to breathe. The goal of creative coaching sessions is to explore the situation you are in and what is needed in the here-and-now.


Exploring contact through identities


This workshop came out of the work we did together with Mili Marjanović and Yulia Bondar in 2023.

We noticed an urgent need between us and in our society to practice making contact through differences. It started as an intimate exploration among friends and peers and developed into a workshop, because we wanted to share this process with as many people as possible.

 Some questions that we wanted to explore were:

How can I stay in a dialogue when we disagree? Or have seemingly opposing stances?

When is dialogue not possible?

How does the environment and context I am in influence my own identity?

What happens when I hear you and you hear me?

We also co-authored a paper on which we built our workshops. You can find it in the British Gestalt Journal:

Baršauskaitė, I., Bondar, Y., & Marjanović, M. (2023) Gestalt trialogue experiment: giving voices to shame. British Gestalt Journal, 32(2), 54-60.



Please reach out if you are interested in hosting this workshop.

Past workshops

16/3/2024 De Roos, Amsterdam.

5/1/2024 De Ruimte, Amsterdam. In collaboration with Rinske Engländer and Nederlandse Stiching Gestalt (NSG).

21/9/2023 EAGT Congress, Madrid. Presented the workshop as part of the congress programme.

Three of us at the EAGT Congress in Madrid, 2023

waiting for participants...

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