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Welcome to my online space.

I want to give you an idea of how I see therapy and what themes and questions I work with.


As a therapist I am here to sit with you, to make space for and welcome

the unbearable,

the unknown,

the joyous,

the stuck,

the curious.

I am here to be your companion on a journey of self-exploration.

about therapy

I see therapy as a collaborative space to explore what is going on, even if we do not know what it is, yet. Even if there are no words, yet. The unknown is where we need to be, where new life is born, where change happens, a fertile ground.

Therapy is a space for dialogue, for being together, with respect, collaboratively, with patience and plenty of time for whatever there is to unfold. 


Often experiences of anxiety, loss of motivation, low or fluctuating mood and energy are symptoms of a larger issue. It can be questions related to self-esteem, identity, attachment trauma, big life changes, lack of a sense of belonging, grief

I see suffering as a gateway & an invitation to pain. And once we welcome pain, what is uncomfortable and difficult, transformation happens. And you do not have to do it alone, I am right there with you.


So wherever you are in your life now, we can explore it together.

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